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2015 Season Sponsorship

The Nickol Bay Speedway has been providing entertainment to the general public and race fans across the Pilbara since 1972. The Speedway provides this entertainment to Pilbara local residents at a reasonable price with great racing and motorsport competitions all year round.

Being a “Not for profit organisation” the Nickol Bay speedway is seeking Support/ Sponsorship from local businesses, so that we can continue providing exciting entertainment for locals families to come and watch. 
With the 2015 racing-season fast approaching, the committee of the Nickol Bay Speedway is making valiant efforts to get the Speedway up to standard where the facilities are 100% and we, as a local non-profit community organisation, need the support of the local business community.

We have the opportunity for your business to sponsor the Nickol Bay Speedway Club Inc. through numerous Sponsorship packages.
With close to 500 people attending each Club-Meet event, and over 1000 attending for Major Racing Events, as well as coverage by local media outlets, your sponsorship would be seen by a large audience. 

What’s more, the NBSC’s website, www.nickolbayspeedway.com went live in December 2011, and is currently attracting an average of 300 unique visitors per day, an average 150 of who are repeat visitors across a weekly basis. When our racing season commences in May, with the exception of the Sprint car Stampede in March, the website will be used to post race results, nomination forms, and information on upcoming events, profiles for our Club Drivers and Riders, as well as articles, photos & videos of our racing events. This will attract, at estimation, upwards of 2500 unique visitors per day. Included in the Sponsorship packages is an opportunity to take advantage of a wider audience than ever before with Sponsors Advertisements with links directly to your own business’ website.

Would I or one of my representatives be able to come and see you in regards to an avenue of Sponsorship you may be willing to take? The club would also like to discuss any donations that might be available, such as products to create a raffle, to raise funds.

Please take a look at the Nickol Bay Speedway Sponsorship categories by emailing the club to determine if sponsorship is an option for your business for the 2015 season and the future. I look forward to speaking to you in regards to any assistance you might be willing to offer to keep the Nickol Bay Speedway, a community organisation run by a 100% voluntary workforce.

Yours Sincerely,

Executive Committee
Nickol Bay Speedway Club Inc.
Ph: 0457788944
Email: info@nickolbayspeedway.com
Speedway – the best fun you can have going sideways flat-out since 1972...

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